Saturday, November 27, 2010


Did everyone survive Thanksgiving? I just barely did. There was so many people at my house! I didn't realize we knew that many folks. I'll start with the guest list. Besides myself, Mother, and my sisters there was: Samantha Parker (Liz's BFF), Jess and her dad; JJ, her parents, older sister Jamie, and younger brother Jack; cousin Molly and her parents; cousin Rebecca, her parents, and sisters: Lila, Hannah, Bethany, and Dilly. It was amazing we had enough food! But we did and still plenty of leftovers, which are the best part!

 As soon as everyone arrived the line for food started. Molly kept trying to pull Sam's hair. It was hilarious!
 Nellie was first in line. She's the biggest foodie in the family.
Of course, while everyone is getting their food the babies--Morgan and Annie--are fighting with each other right in the middle of the room. They almost knocked my plate out of my hands! Sometimes baby sisters can be a real pain.
 I sat at a table with my friends and Kit. We discussed the first Thanksgiving and how basically everything we ate was not even at the first Thanksgiving.
"Like marshmallows!" Kit says. "You can't have sweet potatoes without marshmallows."
JJ and I agreed with her, but Jess said the marshmallows made them too sweet and she preferred sweet potato pancakes.
 I think Rebecca heard that comment (she loves potato pancakes) and decided then was the perfect time to make her entrance.
"I want to propose a toast," she says. "To family and friends."
We all stopped eating for a moment and held up our glasses to humor her. But we all really just wanted to eat.
 Which brings me back to marshmallows! Mother loaded down the casserole. It was the best part of the whole meal!
 "I'll say it again," Kit says. "You can't have sweet potatoes without marshmallows!"
 And then it was time for dessert (and you thought marshmallows were dessert, hehe). Nellie was, of course, first in line again. There was pumpkin pie as well, but it didn't photograph very well. Plus I would start drooling and wishing it was Thanksgiving again every time I looked at it.
Molly got a little to many sweets in her.
Yes, that's Morgan and Annie still fighting in the background. They really do love each other.
After all the food was eaten, I didn't feel much like doing anything. That's when I noticed Rebecca sitting all my herself. It really was the last thing I wanted to do, but I went over and sat down next to her.
"What're you drinking?" I ask.
"Tea. Are the parties always this loud?"
"Oh," Rebecca says. She sounded so sad; I had no choice but to ask if she was alright.
"I miss Mac," she says, talking about our other cousin who still lives in New York. "I really wish her family was a hundred percent certain they are moving here."
I just nodded. I have never met Mac. And honestly I'm kind of tired of all these cousins moving here. But I could empathize with missing a best friend. "I'm sure she can come visit even if she doesn't move here," I says.
 Even though it wasn't that bad to talk to Rebecca, I was glad to get away and hide with JJ and Jess.
 Unfortunately that lasted a whole two seconds! Morgan and Annie barged in. Morgan promptly jumped on me and Annie started screaming.
The rest of my cousins showed up. Jess didn't seem to happy about all the noise. But I was glad of it and especially glad for Molly to make Rebecca feel welcome.
 And that's most of the drama of my Thanksgiving. I'll get into having to take family pictures another time. Right now I'm exhausted all over again.


  1. Emily,

    You had quite the crowd at Thanksgiving! No wonder you simply wanted to escape with your best friends. I probably would, too, and I usually like big parties. ;)

    Sweet potatoes - yum! I personally prefer them without marshmallows because they are sweet enough to me. Sweet potato pancakes sound good right about now.

    Poor Rebecca. It sounds like she and Mac are really good friends. I certainly know what it's like to be away from good friends and family. They can be annoying, but if you've been away from them long enough, you really start to miss them. I hope Rebecca and Mac are reunited someday soon.


  2. It sounds like your Thanksgiving was a little bit crazy, but that you enjoyed it anyway. The people in my house like marshmallows on their sweet potatoes, too.

  3. It looks like you had an awesome (but slightly crazy) Thanksgiving, Emily! And here at FMSG, marshmallow-sweet potatoe casserole is a Thanksgiving must. Hahaha, hope you're having a great holiday! :)


  4. KEWL .. looks like you all had fun and lots of friend/family time together .. a big thanksgiving day must have been wonderful ..

    Great food and fun .. and we allll love sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie .. Mmmmm .

    Ta Ta,