Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hail Storm

We had a nice little hail storm last night. It was so loud in my bedroom! I swear the roof was going to cave in or something! All the Westies hid under the covers. It was quite hard to sleep. Luckily it only lasted a half hour.

I'm sure you are all wondering how karate went. I talked to Mother about taking lessons somewhere else, but she said there wasn't any other good karate places around. But she thought it would be possible to switch to a different class. JJ's dad took me to class early and we talked to my current karate teacher. He said he was sorry that Alex had been bullying me, but because she was considered special needs he couldn't ban her from the class. I didn't know what to say to that. It's wonderful that Alex can be in a regular class, but what about the needs of the students she tortures? JJ's dad spoke up and said even though we were sensitive to Alex's plight, I was in physical danger each class. I'm signed up for the later class now. JJ's dad will still be able to take me since he doesn't work on Friday.

Now about my math tutor. Is it terrible to say I love my math tutoring? Aaron is very patient and doesn't mind when I make the same mistake five times in a row. He just shows me again and tells me I'm catching on. We work for 45 minutes and then we have a snack. Aaron is like the best baker in the world! He always has some home-made goodie to give me. This week is was lemon squares. I could have eaten a dozen and there wasn't even peanut butter involved! Which is a good thing since his friend Shawn is allergic to peanuts and they can't have PB in the house.

Aaron said I'm welcome to come over anytime. Since he doesn't drive nor have a job he's always around. I think I will take him up on that offer.

One last thing. I think I've mentioned Angelica a few times. She has a blog now, too. The link is under my favorite blogs (she bribed me to add it. Just kidding! Maybe...) called "Angelica's Analysis". I know she'd like to meet my blog-y friends!


  1. Hi, this is Molly from The Green Girls. I don't comment as much on blogs as some of my sisters, but I wanted to respond to this one.

    I have special needs too, and I think your teacher is being dumb.

    It's dumb that he thinks the only options are either to remove her from the class, or let her act however she wants. Um... there's another option, guy! Like, let her stay but set some expectations for her behaviour, and make her stick to them.

    If people don't expect anything of us, we'll never learn.

    I have autism and sometimes it's hard for me because I act wrong or hurt people's feelings without meaning to. If someone explains what I did wrong, though, I can do better next time.

    If people just ignored it because "Oh, she has special needs," then I wouldn't have a chance to say I was sorry and not do it again.

    This isn't your fault. Your teacher is the one in charge. I think he's wrong, though. I think by treating Alex like he doesn't think she can do any better than how she is, he's actually insulting her by saying she has no potential.

    I'm glad your tutoring is going well. There's nothing wrong with liking it. (I hate math, but it's still fine to like it.)

    The hail storm sounds fun!


  2. Salut Emily,
    I think hail storms are beautiful. :) I've grown so used to them, being from one of the most rainy/dreary (yet beautiful) places in the world.
    About Alex: I do feel that she is being enabled. My sister has a psychological disorder that makes it extremely difficult for her to feel guilty or react to certain events with emotion, but my parents have always treated her the same as they treated my brother and me. They do not want to enable her actions at all by giving into her. I feel that your teacher is doing that with Alex.
    I'm glad that tutoring is going great! Your tutor sounds like an extremely nice guy.

  3. Thanks, Molly for giving your insight. I was hoping you guys would reply. I think the teacher is doing her a disservice as well and it makes it hard for the rest of in the class to know what to do. I wish more people were understanding about others with special needs. You Green Girls have helped me a lot to understand Alex even though it's to the point where my well-being needs to come first. I hope things end up working out alright for Alex.

    Sabine, from what I know about Alex's family they treat normally. I wonder if it's confusing for her to be aloud to act out in karate and not at home?


  4. Yeah, Sabine, "enabled" is a good word for it.

    Thanks for the compliment, Emily! You've done a good job being understanding, but it's not alright for Alex to hurt you, no matter what her issues are.

    Me and my sisters are glad you can still take karate but still be safe.

    Molly Again