Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Party Time!

I wish it was my birthday, but it wasn't. Yesterday was Mac's 13th B-Day. Why she gets to turn 13 and I don't, I do not know. But I don't want to be a teenager anyway. And I totally don't want to be in 8th grade.

Our cousin Rebecca was here for a visit. She's the one who likes to have tea parties and where frilly dresses and forces her cousins to also wear frilly dresses. Her hair was insanely perfect (I think Mac posted a picture). Mac's cake was to die for even though it wasn't peanut butter. Is there such thing a peanut butter cake? I bet there is. You know what's really good? Cake balls made of chocolate cake and peanut butter! I ate, like, a dozen last week.

Anywhose. Mac's dad made hamburgers on the grill and we had fresh lemonade to drink. It was so hot out! I was glad the party was mostly inside.
 After all the food stuff, our parents made us pose for pictures. I guess they were smart enough to stuff us with food first so we couldn't run away from the camera. I hate when grown-ups get tricky like that.
I wore my Spike shirt, obviously. Flashpoint has been totally awesome the past few weeks. Spike has been getting a bigger role. He's the best (and cutest) character in the show. The show is set (and filmed, I assume) in Toronto, Canada in case my Canadian friends are interested in knowing :)

Tomorrow is math tutoring! I can't believe how excited I am. I think something is wrong with me. You know what Kit thinks? She thinks I have a crush on Aaron. Okay, Kit, just because you have a crush on, like, every guy doesn't mean that I do. Little sisters can be quite the pain.


  1. Sounds like a really fun party! It's neat to "see" it from all three of your perspectives. I wish me and my sisters could have been there to join in the fun.

    I've actually never seen Flashpoint. Shocking, I know!


  2. Happy Birthday to Mac! Don't worry, you're birthday will come soon enough. How old will you be?
    Peanut butter cake sounds delicious!!

  3. Hehe, Bree, you should totally watch it. It's an awesome show.

    Bearpicnic, my birthday is in December and I'll turn 12 (again).


  4. Salut, Emily!
    Being 13 wasn't that bad, except for the fact that my mother hates teenagers, so she was a little uneasy on my (and Sandrine's!) birthday.
    My birthday is in December, too! :) What day is yours? Mine's the 19th. December is a great month.
    I'm 14, though, and I feel so old. My brother is 18...he's basically a legal adult, though I still consider him to be a teenager. He is working on getting is license (in France, you can't get your license until you turn 18), so maybe he can be my chauffeur if I ever return to Lille?
    I'm glad you had fun at Mac's party.
    Have you ever tried cake with chocolate peanut butter icing? I don't like PB much, but I have to admit- that was delicious.

  5. It will be your birthday sooner than you think .. lol .. December seems to be coming up really fast for us .. your party looked like a lot of fun .. it is kewl to see things from different perspectives ..

    Have a great weekend ..

  6. Sabine, my birthday is December 1st. That's interesting that you can't get a license until 18 in France. My sister, Elizabeth, is 15 and just started drivers ed. I'm never getting in the car with her once she gets her license. I've never tried chocolate peanut butter icing. It sounds amazing!

    Have a great weekend, too, Taryn!


  7. Hey, this is Kaya. :-)

    Two of my sisters have learner's permits - Kirsten and Bree. They're sixteen, and taking driver's ed.

    They're going to kill us all... I mean, be wonderful drivers... when they're on the road for real on their own!