Friday, March 30, 2012


Actually, it doesn't feel much like spring right now because it is super windy. But we did get a thunderstorm last week. Total awesomeness! I love a good rain. It's starting to green up just a little bit. Calving and lambing season is in full swing, too. Calves are so cute and tiny! I wish they didn't grow into 1,000 pound bovines. Maybe Mother will get me a mini cow?

I can't believe Easter is next week! Lent went by so fast I never even missed not having ice cream or candy. Not that I won't be thrilled to have a basket full of candy, though!

I'm trying very hard to talk Aaron into coming to the family Easter party and bringing Viggo, but so far he won't agree. He says "maybe" but that means "no" to him. Maybe it's safer if he doesn't come since he got drunk at my family's Christmas party.

Alrighty, I need my blog friends to back me up on something. There is a chance I might be able to go on a road trip in six weeks, but Mother thinks I'm too young to go without her. I would be going with Olivia's (Mac's friend) family. Mac might not be able to go so she offered me her place. But Mother has to agree. Anyone have any tips to persuade her? Or am I too young to go without her?


  1. Hi, Emily!

    I hope Aaron will decide to come. Better than drinking alone, even if he gets drunk - and maybe this time, he'll be able to accept having supportive friends around instead of resorting to alcohol.

    Christmas is particularly hard for a lot of people. Another holiday may be less tense for him.

    I definitely don't think you're too young to go on the road trip! I would suggest having Olivia's parents talk to your mom about the trip. Your mom will probably be more reassured that you'll be safe and cared for if she talks to another adult about it.


  2. Bree,

    Yeah, you might be right that holidays are just too stressful. Maybe he will come over for a small Easter breakfast instead.

    I'll have Olivia's parents talk to Mother. I hope she'll say yes!


  3. Oh no you are not too young to go on a road trip .. I hope having Olivia's mom talk to your mom will change her mind, that would be so fun for you.

    I would try talking Aaron into coming to the party, it would help him a lot to be included and feel safe and accepted if he will just let you show him that much ..