Sunday, June 26, 2011


I got to go hiking on Saturday! It was so much fun and a perfect day to be outside. I haven't live in Montana long and it's totally awesome to see how beautiful this state is.
 Below me is the Stillwater River. Very ironic name right now because the river was totally raging. That pictures does not show how powerful and crazy the water was. And, honestly, I'm not hanging over the cliff. That's just the awesomeness of photography.
 Again, I'm not going to tumble into the water.
 These first three pictures were taken at a huge rock I got to climb and below was a wider part of the river and where the rapids wouldn't kill you (at least not as fast).
 Here I am at the lake. It was so beautiful, but I was starving and just wanted to get back to the car for lunch. The smart thing to have done would have been to bring our food with us. Right, Mother?
 After lunch (peanut and butter and jelly), I was ready for a few more pictures. This pic shows how fast the river was going. It was so loud! I kind of liked it 'cause it meant I couldn't hear Mother or my sisters!
This is me just being totally awesome. Can't wait until I can hike again! Summer is awesome!


  1. Emily, the scenery is so beautiful! I especially love the photos of you by the river.
    I'm glad you had fun; it looks awesome...

  2. Wow, how gorgeous is Montana! I'll definitely have to add it to my "to visit" list. Looks like your hiking trip was a fun one. :)


  3. Wow, what beautiful scenery! We've never been to Montana; seemingly we are missing out.

    Hiking is so much fun! We love hiking and camping in our province too.

    The Green Girls

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! I've never seen a river like that - here in Texas everything is dry dry dry. I hope you had lots of fun!