Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pirates and Pet Store

Hey, this is JJ! Emily is allowing me to post the pictures from my day at the museum. I got to see real pirates! Well, not the actual pirates since they died back in the 1700's during a storm at sea (two managed to survive but were arrested!). But I did get to see real pirate treasure! Sadly I wasn't aloud to take pictures in the exhibit, but I still got a few.
 This is me under a banner of the 9-year-old pirate boy John King. I got to see his femur bone that really proved he was a child. No one is quite sure why this boy was aloud on the pirate ships since children normally weren't. I wish I could be a pirate!
I got to sit on the lap of a pirate statue. It was so cool! That little black dot on my overalls is my Pirates of the Caribbean pin that I got at the mall. In the pirate exhibit there was a lady walking around dressed in colonial clothes. She was funny! She liked my shoes since they covered my toes and she wondered about the people with funny colored toenails. She thought they had some kind of disease! Another thing I learned is that pirates were really honest amongst themselves. All their treasure was split equally between them, not even the captain took more. And if there wasn't enough hammocks for everyone to sleep on then everyone slept on the floor. I can't wait to learn more about pirates now!

I also got to go to the pet store. This was taken at the pet bar. I was wearing my Montana pin that day.


  1. Devils and black sheep and really bad eggs! ;-)

    Sounds like a great time! Thanks for sharing your photos!

    Arrrr! ;-)

    -The Green Girls

    P.S. Love the overalls, JJ!

  2. Ooh, it looks like you had fun, JJ! That's neat that there was a young pirate boy; I wonder why he was allowed to be on the ship...

  3. Hi JJ! The museum looks fun. The pet bar is really interesting too. Thanks for sharing!