Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Math Tutor and a New Puppy

Okay, I know, totally weird title, but both are important for this post. I'll try not to ramble on too long, but when have I ever not done that?

Yesterday Mother decided to spring on me that I needed a math tutor for the summer. I'm doing average in math, but I would spend hours with Mother and Elizabeth helping me do homework. So Mother figured a tutor would help me figure out my problem spots so I'll be ready for fall. Perfectly logical, but right now I hate logic. I don't want to spend my summer doing math!

Anyway, Mother apparently enlisted Casey's help in finding someone and he called yesterday and told Mother there was a "math genius" that lives near us who would help me. And it turns out he doesn't just live "near" us, he practically lives next door! How terrible is that?

This all happened in the morning, so after lunch I talked Kit into taking Coconut for a walk with me and figure out where this guy lives. Chances are I've seen him before and with Coconut with us we could "accidentally" "lose" our dog in his yard. Yeah, that was my bright idea for the day. Sometimes I amaze myself with my cleverness.

So we found his house and I recognized the motorcycle in the driveway. I must have waved at him dozens of times! Coconut decided then would be a good time to put our plan into action and he yanked free of Kit's grasp. He started snuffling around in the bushes by the front door. And with my grand luck the door opened. But it wasn't a guy, it was a young woman and another Westie. Coconut and this Westie stared running around like terriers do and neither obeyed (another thing terriers do). Finally I managed to grab Coconut's leash and apologized to the woman. She was very kind and said it was okay, her dog needed the exercise anyway. Her name was Nora and the dog was Kyla.

That's when I noticed a guy standing in the doorway. He didn't look like the guy I usually saw on the motorcycle; he was much younger. But by then I was out of breath and a bit embarrassed at how bad Coconut was to say anything.

By now you are probably wondering where the new puppy comes in. I'll get to that now. Nora asked where we got out dog and I told her we got him from a shelter in Nevada and she asked if we had ever been to the local shelter. The shelter had gotten a one-year-old female Westie that was now ready for adoption. Like we really needed another dog, but when we got home the first thing Kit told Mother was about the Westie. We had to go see it, she said. Amazingly Mother agreed and we stopped at the shelter after picking up Nellie from her art class.
Well, we couldn't leave without the dog. So, here is Knut our newest Westie.
There you go, a math tutor and a new puppy!


  1. Hehehe, sounds like a pretty good plan to me!

    Ew, math, though! I don't mind it at school, but over the summer is tooo much.

    It doesn't sound like Coconut was being too awful... just being a dog. April (our dog) totally acts like that too and she doesn't have the excuse of being a terrier - although she may be part, we don't know.

    Knut is super cute! Congrats!


    P.S. I learned only recently (like in the last couple of months) how Nevada was supposed to be pronounced. I had no idea! It shook my world view that I've been saying it wrong for sixteen years. ;-)

  2. Math is the worst subject ever. I guess I am good at it; the Americans are behind. The only reason I am good at it is because I've learned what they are learning years before.
    It's not my favorite subject, though. It's rather boring...
    I do need an English tutor. I still struggle with grammar and spellings and things of that sort.
    Knut is super cute- congrats!

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  4. Kirsten,
    Were you pronouncing it nuh-VAW-duh? Nevadan's really hate that, hehe. It's so weird that on the Las Vegas CSI half the characters say it wrong.

    Emily (born in nuh-VAA-duh)

  5. Like neh-VAH-duh.

    Until recently I had no idea I was in danger of Nevadan homicide. ;-)


  6. I don't mind math, but puppies are way better! Congrats on your new friend!

  7. Knut is super cute! He looks so happy to be there with you. I am sorry about the math, but maybe it will get better?