Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Zoo

I got back from my trip to Denver with JJ a few days ago. Now you get to put up with several posts of pictures! Aren't you excited? These pictures are of me at the Zoo. It was totally awesome to see all the animals and get my picture taken. It was quite hot and I was lucky I didn't melt!
 This is me with a sign about Wolves: my favorite animal
Here is the actual wolf. I only saw one since they seem to prefer hiding to getting their picture taken, though I don't blame them. I would hide too if screaming children watched me all day.
Here I am with a wolf skull. It's as big as me! I tried to fit my head in it's jaws but I couldn't quite fit. If the skull wasn't stuck to the sign I could have done it. Morbid, I know.
 Here I am riding a hippo. Don't laugh! It's not like I chose to sit on a hippo. Mother made me... sort of.
And this is me next to a Penguin sign. As you can see I'm about the same size as the little Penguin, but no where near as big as the Emperor Penguin. I would be scared to meet up with that fellow. (But not to meet the wolf whose mouth could fit over my head...strange).
 The two-headed Giraffe.
 Banded Mongoose (I wanted to take him home. So cute! Look at that mug!)
 Me and a Monkey (He wanted to take me home, I think)
And this is me watching some wild horses. I think they are from Mongolia and they are, like, the last true wild horses.

So, that is me at the Zoo. Tune in next time for JJ's trip to the Museum.


  1. It looks like you had a great time! This makes me miss the Citadelle Park in Lille; there was a fabulous zoo there.
    The two-headed giraffe is a neat sight! My favorite zoo animals will forever be the gorillas, though. :)

  2. That is very cool! What awesome animals!

    The mongoose is adorable. ;-)

    We would totally stick our heads in a wolf skull and ride hippos too - you only live once! :-P

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    The Green Girls