Friday, December 2, 2011


I hope everyone isn't tired of me talking about Aaron. I swear one of these days I'll find something else to post about. The fact is, I've been spending most of my time at Riley's house. Her dad picks us up from school and we do our homework together and have a snack. A couple of times a week I stay for dinner. I usually don't see Riley on the weekends since she always has a dentist appointment. That's my JJ time.

Anyways, about Aaron. I think I probably knew this, but just ignored the fact. He has a girlfriend. I actually think I mentioned her a long time ago. Her name's Nora and she also has a Westie. She's been hanging around lately when Riley and I get back from school. She's nice and everything, but Aaron is supposed to be mine. I try to act normal around her, but I'm afraid I come off as a little snotty. I just don't want Aaron to marry her!

Speaking of marriage, Mother and Casey (Jess' dad) have been getting a lot more serious lately about their relationship. Technically they can't get married yet, because Mother is not actually divorced from my dad. I don't know what the divorce rules are, but I doubt it would be hard since my dad abandoned us. I asked Kit if she knew and she got really upset. She is still holding out hope that our dad will come back and everything will be fine. That is never going to happen, but I don't know if I want Mother to remarry either. It would be weird having a dad again and having two more sisters would make for a very crowded house. We would have to live at Jess' which would mean Riley wouldn't be my neighbor. I just have to hope those plans are still a long way into the future.

On a more positive note. It's December and Christmas is right around the corner! It hasn't been snowing much so I hope we get a big snowstorm soon. I don't want a green Christmas.


  1. Hi, this is Bree. :-)

    It must be kind of weird to think about your mother maybe getting remarried. I think divorces usually take awhile to go through the legal process, but there probably won't be much arguing over it since your dad abandoned you. Can you talk to your mom about your worries? It might help.

    I can imagine it's weird for you to see Aaron with his girlfriend - although you know he's too old for you anyway, right? I get how that is, though. I can't say I've never had a crush. Maybe it would help if you tried to make friends with Nora, since she's nice. If she's not a stranger, it might not feel so awkward.


  2. Bree,

    Yeah, I know Aaron is too old :( I think it's that I never really had an adult male that I cared about so I don't want to share him. I will try to become friends with Nora. Riley says she is a lot of fun, so maybe the 3 of us can do something together.

    I would talk to Mother, but she's kind of in this mindset that it's not really us kids business if she remarries. The holidays always stress her out, so it will probably be best to wait a little longer.


  3. Hi Emily. I'm sorry things are just so weird for you right now. I really hope it gets better - and you get some snow. Us Texas girls aren't used to all this snow, so I'd gladly send some your way!